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Apple Vacations Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What should I expect after purchasing online?
    Customers will recieve an email confirmation. You will than be contacted by us within 24 hours via email in regards to the delivery of the travel documents.

    Q. How long does it take for documents to arrive?
    Documents will arrive no later than one week prior to departure. However documents usually are delivered two weeks prior to the departure.

    Q. Who to contact for support with a current online package?
    Customers have the option of emailing our reservation center or contacting us directly by phone 1-888-828-3893.

    Q. What is AVOK Insurance?
    For Land Only and Charter Air packages, AVOK is $49.99 per person for 4 nights or less and $69.99 per person for 5 - 14 nights*. Remember, AVOK is not applicable for groups of 15 or more, cruises or ski packages.

    Q. What type of coverage does AVOK provide on my vacation?
    AVOK has 3-part coverage.
    AVOK is a vacation security plan that combines a pre-departure Cancellation Waiver provided by Apple Vacations which allows you to cancel for any reason with Post-Departure Travel Insurance Benefits. In addition AVOK clients are given a best price guarantee and are able to claim the savings if the exact same vacation package is advertised for a lower price. Please note: The penalty portion of your vacation payment is refunded in Vacation Certificates. The balance is refunded to you in cash or credit to your credit card. ustomers will recieve an email confirmation. You will than be contacted by us within 24 hours via email in regards to the delivery of the travel documents.

    Q. Am I covered by AVOK on the day of departure , and when does Pre-departure coverage end and AVOK's Post-departure Tour Guard Travel Insurance coverage begin?
    Travelers who purchase AVOK can cancel up until the time of departure. Please note: "No Shows" are not covered. You MUST notify your Travel Agent (or Apple) to cancel. Call 1-866-860-2865 if your travel agent is closed at the time of your departure. AVOK's Tour Guard Travel Insurance Post-Departure Trip Interruption coverage begins on the departure date when the travelers are on their trip (i.e. upon boarding the aircraft).

    Q. If I purchase AVOK and do a *name change (not a name correction) do I need to re-purchase AVOK?
    Type of change: Need to repurchase AVOK:
    Name Yes
    Date Yes
    Departure City Yes
    Hotel Downgrade No
    Hotel Upgrade No
    Duration No
    Fare Class Change $25 per person fee to reactivate AVOK
    Destination Yes

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    Q. Is there a difference between charter and scheduled air packages? hat should I expect after purchasing online?
    The term "charter" refers to aircraft used specifically to fly Apple Vacations customers to many major sun destinations. Our Charter flights are typically non-stop, and you have more time to enjoy in the destination. Typically, charter flight times are better, the package vacation price is less, plus hot meals are served on board with first run movies and better on-time performance overall. Plus, you avoid the hassle of connections and subsequent threat of lost baggage on scheduled service flights. All Apple Vacations charter flights also offer complimentary in-flight meals and soft drinks. Another benefit is that your luggage will be removed quickly from the aircraft and will be ready to board your resort transfer once you arrive. Apple Vacations strives to make your vacation experience the best possible, by managing the vacation process from the time you check-in at the airport, until you arrive at your resort. We are there to help you along the way until the time you arrive back home. Apple Vacations also offers scheduled air packages to every major sun destination. "Scheduled Air" refers to the transportation portion of your vacation that includes major airlines with schedules at various times and days of the week. Apple Vacations offers scheduled air packages from over 200 cities nationwide to those destinations where we do not offer non stop charter service; and also to complement our charter schedules to those destinations where we do offer charter service but need additional seats due to high demand. Scheduled air packages give you the most flexibility in departure and arrival times when traveling to a destination.

    Q. What is the baggage allowance for air travel?
    CHECKED BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE IS UP TO TWO PIECES TOTALING 44 LBS PER TICKETED PASSENGER; 70 LBS PER TICKETED PASSENGER FOR EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS. Carry-on baggage is limited to one bag per person. The dimensions of the carry-on cannot exceed 45" linear. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT EXCESS/OVERSIZED BAGGAGE MAY BE DENIED AT CHECK-IN. If accepted, there will be additional charges. Anyone attempting to check-in excess baggage should arrive at the ticket counter a minimum of 2 hours prior to departure (3 hours for Mexicana Airlines), or risk being denied boarding. Infants under age two do not receive a separate baggage allowance. Apple Vacations accepts no liability for loss or damage to luggage, although maximum care will be taken to ensure safe handling. Regulations are subject to change, so please consult your travel agent for the most updated information.
    ustomers will recieve an email confirmation. You will than be contacted by us within 24 hours via email in regards to the delivery of the travel documents.

    Q. What should handicapped passengers know about obtaining assistance at the airport or in their destination?
    Should you desire any special service or equipment to assist with a disability, please let us know in advance so we can advise the air carrier. Although we will do our best to assist you, Apple Vacations cannot guarantee the availability of wheelchairs at any airport. Wheelchair accessible rooms may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. Standards may vary at different hotels and destinations, and are not within the control of Apple Vacations.

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    Q. What does the Apple Hotel Rating beside the hotel name mean?
    Apple Ratings are based on the opinions of hundreds of thousands of Apple vacationers who complete our Vacation Satisfaction Questionnaires. We want your opinions too, so that we can continue to offer you the best service and value!

    • 6 Apple - A luxurious resort/hotel offering the highest standards and widest variety of dining and amenities
    • 5 Apple - An excellent resort/hotel with superior first-class accommodations and guest services
    • 4 Apple - A first-class resort/hotel or condo with a good selection of guest services
    • 3 Apple - A comfortable hotel or condo with simple accommodations and public areas
    • 2 Apple - A modest hotel or condo with limited choice of amenities
    • 1 Apple - A basic budget hotel or condo with few public areas or amenities

    Q. What are Golden Apple hotels?
    With such a wide range of fabulous accommodations, choosing the perfect hotel isn't easy. When you select a Golden Apple hotel, you can be assured that you've made an outstanding choice! Every year, our vacationers honor a select group of hotels with our Golden Apple Hotel Award. This award is given to those hotels who have earned exceptional ratings on our Vacation Satisfaction Questionnaires, completed by Apple vacationers upon their return home. Some are moderate and others deluxe, but all Golden Apple hotels offer an exceptional standard of quality, service and value.

    Q. What is "Value Plus" ?
    With Apple's Value Plus features, you always get more than what you pay for! We've teamed up with many of our hotel partners to load extra value into your vacation package! Refer to the hotel's web page or brochure description and look for the Value Plus symbol to find exceptional features like these:
    FREE room upgrades
    FREE food & beverage credits
    FREE full American breakfast daily
    FREE or discounted golf greens fees
    FREE scuba diving, tours and more
    FREE or value priced weddings
    FREE Kids - kids play, stay & eat free!
    Optional value-packed meal plans

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    * Disclaimer -Customers are responsible for confirming their itineraries and travel documents. Resorts sold on this site are all inclusive and non all-inclusive properties known as European plan. Customers are responsible for confirming the hotel meal plans and guidelines as well as room preferences.