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Cancun - Mexico's Favorite Playground Cancun Resorts

Apple Vacations BeachCancun - even the name sizzles! Apple Vacations' number one destination, with beaches of powdery-white sand stretching along water so turquoise the color will be imprinted forever in your memory. A glamorous resort area where sun glistens on pyrimidal structures of spectacular luxury resorts and the night awakens to a vibrant nightlife of discos and fun-filled restaurants with dancing and laughter. Cancun is more than just a party place. For the sophisticate and discerning traveler, you'll find some of the highest quality, full facility resorts & spas anywhere.
The Yucatan Peninsula is the hot spot for vacationers worldwide. Whether it's chic Cancun or activity packed All-Inclusives along the coast of the Riviera Maya with nearby Playacar Tulum and Xcaret, there's an array of hotels to suit every taste.
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The average temperature is 27° C (80° F) with more than 240 days of sunshine, and rain is rare. In summer the temperature goes higher, but an onshore breeze makes the climate enjoyable throughout the day.

PRO-DIVE MEXICO This PADI Gold Palm Resort is one of the premier PADI dive centers of the Riviera Maya and is located on-site. The dive center offers snorkeling excursions and top quality scuba training from beginner to professional level. From the first underwater experience to professional training, guests may enjoy personalized training in a relaxed atmosphere. Four daily one-hour dive excursions (9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM) depart from the marina adjacent to the hotel. These short excursions are perfect for guests who do not wish to be away from family or friends for long. Scuba and snorkeling excursions to Cozumel and the famous Cenotes are also offered.

Things to do in Cancun and Riviera Maya!

Isla Mujeras

A 45 minute boat ride from Cancun, this laid-back island is an authentic reminder of Mexico's past. Shop in the village and dine at inexpensive open-air cafes. Then relax on the beautiful beaches, or partake in fabulous snorkeling, diving or fishing. For an incredible experience, you can even swim with the dolphins!

Tulum & Xel-HA

Less than a 2 hour drive southwest of Cancun, discover this walled Mayan city and the only archeological site next to the Caribbean Sea. After touring Tulum, cool off in the natural aquarium of Xel- Ha, a snorkeler's paradise.

Xcaret- Nature's Secret Paradise

This 150-acre ecological park is just three miles south of Playa del Carmen. Snorkel through limestone tunnels and lagoons, and witness the tropical splendor of exotic birds and animals in their natural environment.


The most important archaeological site on the Yucatan Peninsula and the ancient capital of the Mayan Culture. Climb the 91 steps to the top of the main pyramid of the Maya empire. Visit the fascinating temples and the well preserved Main Ball Court with its unique carving and remarkable acoustics.

Adventures at Sea

The 75-mile stretch of gorgeous Caribbean coastline along the Mayan Riviera is a wondrous area for any visitor, but especially for the avid diver. Empty beaches, a labyrinth of underground rivers, underwater caverns (known as cenotes) and the second largest coral reef system in the world are among its principle attractions. And much of the diving - even the cavern diving - is available to novices.

The Great Maya Reef is home to hundreds of species of fish, and an incredible variety of flora and fauna. This natural wonder stretches all the way from the north of Cancun to the coasts of Venezuela, and is placed less than 50 meters from the beach, beneath clear turquoise waters. The 13 marked dive sites of the Great Maya Reef are a short boat ride away from such resort areas as Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum.

Cavern Diving offers the unique opportunity of exploring the magnificent underground river systems of this remarkable area. Divers slip into this amazing underwater world through natural wells called 'cenotes,' which are generally located in the middle of tropical forests. Nine of the world's top 10 cave systems can be found in the Riviera Maya, and of the 40 dive shops operating in the area, 38 offer cave diving.