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Apple Vacations Hotel Ratings

What does the Apple Hotel Rating beside the hotel name mean?
A: Apple Ratings are based on the opinions of hundreds of thousands of Apple vacationers who complete our Vacation Satisfaction Questionnaires. We want your opinions too, so that we can continue to offer you the best service and value!

  • 6 Apple - A luxurious resort/hotel offering the highest standards and widest variety of dining and amenities
  • 5 Apple - An excellent resort/hotel with superior first-class accommodations and guest services
  • 4 Apple - A first-class resort/hotel or condo with a good selection of guest services
  • 3 Apple - A comfortable hotel or condo with simple accommodations and public areas
  • 2 Apple - A modest hotel or condo with limited choice of amenities
  • 1 Apple - A basic budget hotel or condo with few public areas or amenities